Pet Name: Ginger
Pet Home: Southern Pines, NC
Pet Breed: Mixed
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

Ginger was a sweetheart. She came to us when dear friends, Bill and Bette Loeffler, passed away. She was their "barn cat", who later moved into the house. She was also Bill's cat. Originally feral, she very quickly developed the realization that life was way better on the other side of the door.

She was so cool that when she moved into our house she had no trouble adjusting to the other 5 cats. Mind you, she did "stake out her ground".

She was a man's cat. Strange enough by itself, but she really loved my husband - none of my other cats ever have. If he was napping on the couch, you could find her cuddled up with him. There's no understanding cats.

Her time with us was too short. Apparently, she had a slow growing cancer that took her about a year after she moved in with us. She was a good girl.

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