Pet Name: Mittens
Pet Home: Merrimac, MA
Pet Breed: mix
Pet Parent: Wayne Della

Pet Story:

Mittens Armstrong
June 22, 2002 - August 24, 2018
Mittens was born to the parents of Idella and Wayne Armstrong. And the brother to late Jack P. and Nyla Armstrong, Mittens loved to sit and watch the birds and other animal visitors to his window. Mittens loved his 1st camping trip to Maine last year


Pet Name: Reba
Pet Home: San Antonio, Tx
Pet Breed: Mix
Pet Parent: Johnny

Pet Story:

Reba came into our lives in 2000 and went to heaven at 4:15 am, the morning of August 24, 2016. Reba was my best friend and my whole world ever since I was 10.

Poochie my sweet boy!

Pet Name: Poochie
Pet Home: Gallant, Alabama
Pet Breed: Part Yorkie, part Jack Russel terrier
Pet Parent: Becky Jones

Pet Story:

On 2/3/03 happiness was born. On 1/4/2016 my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I miss you so much.I love you Poochie dog!



Pet Story:

Born as an adorable puppy, grew up as an adorable puppy...and is still an adorable puppy to this day, even though Baron is no longer with us. The tears I cry are forever, until the day we are reunited again at RAINBOW BRIDGE!

Rip Zeus

Pet Name: Zeus
Pet Home: Davenport Iowa
Pet Breed: Pit Bull
Pet Parent: Stacy

Pet Story:

My little baby Zeus passed away on 6/29/2015. Only 6 weeks old from unknown causes.

Teddy Bear

Pet Name: Teddy Bear
Pet Home: Ventura, Calif
Pet Breed: Chow Mix
Pet Parent: Katie and Mike

Pet Story:

Our sweet boy Teddy Bear was our Story Book Doggie. We adopted him from the North LA Animal Shelter. Teddy loved life and he was very gentle. All who knew Teddy Bear loved him. He loved. And played with our cat Princess Girl. Teddy left for Heaven one month before Princess

Princess Girl

Pet Name: Princess Girl
Pet Home: Ventura, Calif
Pet Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Pet Parent: Katie and Michael

Pet Story:

Princess AKA Princey Girl arrived on our doorstep June 2006. She left for Heaven on 3/28/15 just 2 months shy of her 9th Birthday. Her buddy and playmate Teddy Bear our Dog left for Heaven a month before Princess. She mourned for Teddy and died of a broken heart. She was a precious baby girl .

Pet Name: Princess Girl AKA Princey Girl
Pet Home: Ventura, Calif
Pet Breed: Short hair Domestic
Pet Parent: Katie and Mike Ogden

Pet Story:

We got blessed with our sweet Princess Girl in June 2006. She was given to us from our neighbor who came to our door with this sweet beautiful black kitten. It was love at first sight. She also grew up with and loved our Dog Teddy Bear. Teddy went to heaven a month before our Princess. We love her .

Forever in My Heart

Pet Name: Midgie
Pet Home: Lavonia, GA
Pet Breed: Pekingese/Shihtzu mix
Pet Parent: MJ Kneiser

Pet Story:

You no longer greet me as I walk through the door...
You're not there to make me smile, to make laugh anymore,
Life seems empty without you, you were far more than a pet...
You were a family member, a friend, I will never forget.
I still listen for you and miss you everyday.

Forever in my heart

Pet Name: Hershey
Pet Home: Mahopac, New York
Pet Breed: Chocolate Lab
Pet Parent: Laura Donovan

Pet Story:

My Forever Friend

My Sweet Girl

Pet Name: Chloe Cannoli
Pet Home: Monroe, New Jersey
Pet Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Pet Parent: Felicia

Pet Story:

Chloe was a rescue. From the moment I picked her up I loved her. She jumped into my lap kissing me, choosing me as her mommy. We have been thru so much together and she always was there to lend me her ear, her support and of course her kisses. It was hard for me to say goodbye.

My Sweet Poodle

Pet Name: Abby
Pet Home: East Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
Pet Breed: Poodle
Pet Parent: The Parkers

Pet Story:

Rest in peace Abigail Aleshanee Yepa. My Abby, Abbygail, flabby, flabigail, Abby tabby tumbo. I'll miss you forever but you'll always be in my heart.

Miss you immensely Snickers

Pet Name: Snickers Fawn and Fury
Pet Home: Cape Coral, FL
Pet Breed: Brindle Boxer
Pet Parent: Larry Bone

Pet Story:

I know 12 years is long for a boxer but not long enough. To lose you so suddenly is nearly too much to bear.

Sweet Brutus

Pet Name: Brutus
Pet Home: Brooklyn Park, MN
Pet Breed: German Shepard
Pet Parent: Dakota, Royce, Lilly, and Justice

My Forever Friend

Pet Name: Timber
Pet Home: Pottstown, PA
Pet Breed: English Bulldog
Pet Parent: Meghan

Pet Story:

Timber was a 13 year old bulldog who lived a happy and spoiled life. He was a great dog who loved to go for long walks and sunbathe on the deck. He was always sure to catch a long snooze during the day. He loved his chewies and was always at the table begging for a crumb.

My Little Princess

Pet Name: Iris
Pet Home: Mount Clemens Michigan
Pet Breed: Himalayan Persian
Pet Parent: Paula Rigney

Pet Story:

Iris was born November of 1994. She was the runt of the litter and the only blue point female of the litter. Jan, the breeder, told me that if her Himalayan Persian had a blue point female that I would be the one to have her. She was put to rest on Saturday, March 9, 2013.

Pet Name: Tobias (Toby) Jackson
Pet Home: Escondido, Ca
Pet Breed: Retriever Mix
Pet Parent: Marji

Pet Story:

Until We Meet Again

I got Toby at 5 weeks & not even 5lbs near Tonopah, NV. I had lost my 12 year old dog and when I saw Toby it was instant. But having just lost one I looked him in the eye and said that I knew he too would break my heart but let's have some fun. And we did. Everyday for 12 years.

Rocky Balboa

Pet Name: Rocky Balboa
Pet Home: Vass, NC
Pet Breed: Mixed
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

Rocky was the runt of the litter and being the smallest of 3 males, he was picked on from day one - but he never backed down, as you can see in the photo. That's why we named him Rocky Balboa. He also had a heart of gold; he preferred to be the lover rather than the fighter.


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