Furever My Baby

Pet Name: Mittens
Pet Home: Perth
Pet Breed: Mix
Pet Parent: Chelsie

Pet Story:

4th April 1997 - 23rd Dec 2011. My beautiful boy, I love you and I miss you so so so much. You were a beautiful soul and you always knew when your mumma needed you. I will never forget your cuddles and I still always here your cry. Forever in my heart, forever on my mind.

I miss you baby boy!

Buddy My Forever Friend

Pet Name: Buddy
Pet Home: Beloit, WI
Pet Breed: Sheltie
Pet Parent: Judith A. Elson

Pet Story:

I lost a treasured friend today
The little dog who used to lay
His gentle head upon my knee
And share his silent thoughts with me...
He'll come no longer to my call
Retrieve no more his favorite ball
A voice far greater than my own
Has called him to His golden throne.
Although my eyes are filled wit

Pet Name: Simba
Pet Home: Stratham, NH
Pet Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Pet Parent: Karen

Pet Story:

The love of his mommy's life. Simba was a funny, outgoing cat who loved attention. He tragically and unexpectedly passed away at 9 years old. He will be missed dearly.

Rest easy, baby boy.

True Love

Pet Name: Dana-Von
Pet Home: Pueblo, CO
Pet Breed: German Shepherd
Pet Parent: Robert & Tonya Barker

Pet Story:

Everyone that ever had the chance to meet you loved you. You will always be in our hearts thank you for giving me your love

Pet Name: Whiskers
Pet Home: Columbia, SC
Pet Breed: Mainecoon
Pet Parent: The Jordan Family

Pet Story:

You were a cat like no other. You pretty much ruled the house and the dogs loved you as their friend. Bella misses you dearly, as we all do. I wish that you could still be here with us today, but I know that you are no long in pain and you are now playing with your new friends in heaven. We love you


Pet Name: Summerboy
Pet Home: Middlesex, NC
Pet Breed: Short Hair Orange Tabby
Pet Parent: Kat Howard / Margie Williams

Pet Story:

Summerboy was a sweet & loving cat. He enjoyed being outside. Summer would come in at night when you called him, then go out during the day. He just showed up one day. We felt like GOD sent him to us for a reason. Summer touched our hearts like no other animal has done! Thank you GOD for Summerboy!

The Divine Miss Lady

Pet Name: Lady
Pet Home: Aberdeen, North Carolina
Pet Breed: Maltese
Pet Parent: Marjorie

Pet Story:

Miss Lady was living proof how wonderful rescue dogs are. Her first owner moved away and left her behind, tied outside with no food or water. Lady quickly forgot her humble beginnings! The ultimate diva dog, Miss Lady could rock any outfit, even a manicure!

Easy Going Ritz

Pet Name: Carlton "Ritz" of Edmonton
Pet Home: Fayetteville, NC
Pet Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Pet Parent: Doug Smith

Pet Story:

Ritz was the most easy going dog in the world. He was smart and loving. We truly miss his sweet little spirit. Thank you, Paw Prints on My Heart, for offering us a cherished keepsake to always have in honor of him.


Pet Name: Ginger
Pet Home: Southern Pines, NC
Pet Breed: Mixed
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

Ginger was a sweetheart. She came to us when dear friends, Bill and Bette Loeffler, passed away. She was their "barn cat", who later moved into the house. She was also Bill's cat. Originally feral, she very quickly developed the realization that life was way better on the other side of the door.

Ben, The Bear

Pet Name: Gentle Ben
Pet Home: Vass, NC
Pet Breed: German Sheperd
Pet Parent: Jean and Dan

Pet Story:

Ben was a walk-up. He just showed up one day. Wherever he had been he had not been well treated. His skin was so badly infected we thought he had the mange; the leather collar around his neck that was so tight it had worn his fur off. The frayed rope on his collar suggested he'd been tied to a tree.

Thistle - The Debutante

Pet Name: Thistle
Pet Home: Vass, NC
Pet Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

If Fanny was our tomboy, Thistle was our debutante. She was not your typical Jack Russel. She liked to sleep, didn't want to exert herself too much and really didn't like getting her hair wet. Like Fanny, she went to the lake with us, but tolerated the inconvenience so she could be with her "Mom".

Fanny - Our Sea Dog

Pet Name: 'Spensive Fanny
Pet Home: Vass, NC
Pet Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

Fanny was the most remarkable dog I've ever known. Terrier's are known for their love of water, but Fanny took this love to the extreme. My husband and I are "water people"; Fanny fit right in. She liked to swim, fish, sail, and ride.


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