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Rocky Balboa

Pet Name: Rocky Balboa
Pet Home: Vass, NC
Pet Breed: Mixed
Pet Parent: Jean

Pet Story:

Rocky was the runt of the litter and being the smallest of 3 males, he was picked on from day one - but he never backed down, as you can see in the photo. That's why we named him Rocky Balboa. He also had a heart of gold; he preferred to be the lover rather than the fighter.

In fact, that's Rocky resting on the back of our German Shepard Ben's back in the photo on his memorial on this site. (Ben - The Bear)

He was born with weak kidneys. My wife, aka "Dr. Doolittle", managed to keep him healthy and with us for 7 short years. He was a good boy, a smuggler and he left his paw prints on our hearts.

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