True Love

Pet Name: Dana-Von
Pet Home: Pueblo, CO
Pet Breed: German Shepherd
Pet Parent: Robert & Tonya Barker

Pet Story:

Everyone that ever had the chance to meet you loved you. You will always be in our hearts thank you for giving me your love

Paw prints on my Heart!
Since you left,
life hasn't been the same,
I ponder at you pictures,
dotted about in pretty frames,
the day you went,
you left your mark,
your beautiful paw prints on my heart,
I sometimes wake up,
convinced you are here,
you were the only one,
who was able to stop my tears,
you were the one,
so perfect, so true,
I love you so much,
I’ll never forget you,
it's not the same,
with you not by my side,
I have this heartbreaking feelings,
with every tear that I have cried,
I miss you so much,
since you went away,
I know I have my memories,
and forever they will stay,
because the day you went,
you left your little mark,
you beautiful paw prints on my heart!

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