Pet Name: Tobias (Toby) Jackson
Pet Home: Escondido, Ca
Pet Breed: Retriever Mix
Pet Parent: Marji

Pet Story:

Until We Meet Again

I got Toby at 5 weeks & not even 5lbs near Tonopah, NV. I had lost my 12 year old dog and when I saw Toby it was instant. But having just lost one I looked him in the eye and said that I knew he too would break my heart but let's have some fun. And we did. Everyday for 12 years.

He was very large and silly and always up for anything. We lived in Vegas for almost 9 of his years where he chilled in the cool house and played when the sun went down. We came back to California a couple of years ago. I have spent everyday of my life with him and I am only thankful that he was full of life and made my life full. He turned 12 on 12/17/2012 but in January I could tell. Trips to vets and a surgery revealed my baby was running out of time. And it's true-you know. You know what you have to do. I will miss him forever. He was my life because I was responsible for his life. But wow did we have fun. Is my heart broken? Yes it hurts like no other hurt in the world. But just as he mended my heart from Cody, I know he will see that another best friend helps to ease the pain from him.

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