Rip Zeus

Pet Name: Zeus
Pet Home: Davenport Iowa
Pet Breed: Pit Bull
Pet Parent: Stacy

Pet Story:

My little baby Zeus passed away on 6/29/2015. Only 6 weeks old from unknown causes.

The people who were breeding the pups did not vaccinate the Mom or Dad. Therefore there was nothing for Mom to pass on to her pups causing her litter to start passing away. When seeing the pups and the house that they were living in I had to get them out. I could only afford to keep one though. We paid almost 500 dollars to try everything to save this poor baby but he was too sick. Would not eat or drink. Gave him fluids to try to keep him hydrated but nothing would work. Vacations are there for a reason. If you have pets please vaccinate them especially if you plan to breed.

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