Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsakes

The Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake will be treasured memorial to those who receive it.

Currently, Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsakes are offered as a pendant or a pin. Men and women love both options. Men love the pin for their lapel or the pendant to keep in their pocket. Women can easily wear either with any apparel.

Each Keepsake comes with the original Paw Prints on My Heart poem and is packaged in a beautiful clear box wrapped with a bow. Also included is a "With Heartfelt Sympathy" note card to fill out, if you plan to give the Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake as a gift.

To order a Keepsake...

... simply choose whether you want a pin or pendant, select the color (goldtone or nickel) and click the "Add to Cart" button Credit Card and PayPal information below.

Whether purchasing for yourself or for a friend, we hope this memorial offers much comfort during this difficult time and will always serve as a loving reminder of your beautiful little friend. Let us help you honor your dear pet. Don't forget to register and create a memorial for your pet on our site, and then share with all of your friends.

Purchase a Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake

Keepsake images enlarged for clarity. Actual size is about 18mm. See Keepsake Details below.

Paw Prints Keepsake Pendant

Goldtone Pendant
Goldtone Pendant

Select Pendant Color Optional Sympathy Card Message
(Continued Message)

Note: Sympathy Message fields are limited to 60 characters. If your initial message exceeds 60 characters, use the "Continued Message" to finish it. Include your friend's mailing address under "Special Instructions" when you review your information during checkout.

Bonus - Free Shipping for orders of 3 or more

As a bonus, free shipping is offered on 3 or more of any assortment! Please note that we can only send your purchase to one address, so if you are ordering more than one, please be sure to have them sent to you.

Sympathy Card for a Gift

For your convenience, we can mail your gift directly to your friend. We will write a sympathy card for you and include it with your gift. Add your sympathy message in the "Optional Sympathy Card Message" box and, when you review your information during checkout, the recipient's mailing address under "Special Instructions". Please be aware of the following:

  • That your sympathy message is limited to 60 characters, which include spaces
  • That we can only write a Sympathy Card to one individual. Should you purchase more than one Keepsake, blank Sympathy Cards will be sent to you for each Keepsake.
  • To include your friend's mailing address under "Special Instructions" when you review your information during checkout in Paypal.

Actual size of Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake
Approximate. Size See Information Box below for details

Keepsake Details
  • The heart is approximately 18mm or slightly less than 3/4" wide, as illustrated in "Approximate Size" image on the right.
  • Keepsake Pendants do not come with a chain.
  • Keepsake Pins have a standard "push pin" backing.

Paw Prints on My Heart uses PayPal as its payment portal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards or if you have an account with them, you can charge to that account. Credit cards accepted by PayPal image

"Actual size" of the image will vary depending on your monitor's screen resolution. However, a copy of the image may be printed that will be a close approximation of the Keepsake's actual size. Check out the "How to..." on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Paw Prints on my Heart is a free online memorial for pet owners. Together, the poem and keepsake offer special comfort to those who have experienced the loss of a dear pet.

We also wish to honor your pet. You are welcome to upload a memorial and photo of your pet. Simply register to create a living legacy to the loving memory of your pet.

While a Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake purchase is not required to create a Pet Memorial, we hope that you will - either for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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