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The Story of Paw Prints on My Heart


Her name was Muffin and she was our beloved pet for 17 years. And she was my dog. That's not to say she didn't love my husband; she would let him in the room with me and she most assuredly would let my husband feed her.

Although small in size, she had the heart of a lion. Even through life threatening surgery later in life she continued to show an enthusiasm for life that always brought joy into our life. And if she wasn't the center of attention in a room, she would insist - no, demand is a better word - that everyone pay attention to her. She was a "movie star", featured in one of "A Wonderful Life with Sharon Hinton Smith" television shows. She was the pet that left paw prints on our hearts.

In a effort to work through our grief, we decided to search the Bible for answers concerning pets in Heaven. Scripturally, we believe that they are.

Through our quest and discovery, the "Paw Prints on My Heart" poem and website became our tribute to the love and affection she brought to us and our effort to offer love and support to others. From one pet owner to another, we understand your grief, and hope the truth of this poem and the Paw Prints Heart keepsake will offer you much comfort. May God grant your broken heart the peace that on He can give during this difficult time.

In Love and Sympathy,
Sharon Hinton Smith


P.S. Online videos of her "television career" on Sharon's inspirational television series "A Wonderful Life with Sharon Hinton Smith" at SharonHintonSmith.com Opens New Window or by clicking the video images below.

Paw Prints on my Heart is a free online memorial for pet owners. Together, the poem and keepsake offer special comfort to those who have experienced the loss of a dear pet.

We also wish to honor your pet. You are welcome to upload a memorial and photo of your pet. Simply register to create a living legacy to the loving memory of your pet.

While a Paw Prints on My Heart Keepsake purchase is not required to create a Pet Memorial, we hope that you will - either for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

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